Super DocACO 2.0

Admission, Discharge, Transfer Notifications

All patient information is securely transmitted and easily readable through our application. Each notification is transmitted real-time. So rest assured, all information is accurate to the most recent event.

Examples of such alerts include:

  • ER Admissions
  • ER Discharges
  • IP Transfers
  • Facility Transfers

All Alerts Display the Following Information:

  • A Brief Description of the Event
  • The Patients Primary Care Physician
  • Workflow Assistance
  • Event History


Real-Time hospital Alerts

Users can receive real-time notifications when their Medicare patients are admitted to nearly all hospitals in an ACO’s area. Catch your patients at the opportune time to reduce medical costs and prevent costly re-admissions.

Post-Acute Facilities

If a network of Post-Acute facilities are  established, users will be informed when patients have entered their care.

Secure Messaging

exchange protected patient information

SuperDocACO provides a secure, HIPAA-Compliant, Messaging platform for physicians to electronically send and receive sensitive patient information. 

Communicate directly with other physicians, assistants and staff within the same practice or in the ACO network. Anywhere, anytime!


Securely Upload Sensitive files

Securely attach photos, PDF’s, Spreadsheets and many other file types to any messages you send on our End to End encrypted messaging system.

View Performance Reports Anytime

Are you frustrated with the inefficiency and lack of reporting from paper ACO Reports?

The same paper reports handed to a practice can just as easily be made available in our App! Get Updated/New reports the moment they are released, straight from the convenience of your Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer!

Examples of such reports are:

Guided Performance Statistics (GPS):  Shows an overview of a practice’s performance over several different areas, as well as ranks their performance against others in the area.

Specialist Report: Displays a list of specialists in your area ranked by overall performance. Discover high-performing Specialists to make better informed referrals.

Annual Wellness Tracker

AWV's are the first step to reduce costs

Get updated when your patients are due for their Annual Wellness Visits, which are an integral component to preventative care and cost savings.

With this feature, providers are able to check and verify when their patients are due, past due, or upcoming AWV’s are supposed to be scheduled. It will also provide you with the correct code to bill!

Schedule AWV’s and consistently follow up with your patients multiple times a year to keep your patients healthy and their medical expenses low.

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