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Caretracker is an all-in-one workflow management tool for care coordinators and physicians.

Workable Patient List View

All uploaded patients are instantly workable on your patient list view in a user-friendly interface.

  • 4 categorized reports on one page! Such as High-Cost High-Risk, ED Frequent Flyer, Dropped Patients, and Annual Wellness Visit reports.
  • Relieves the frustration from the inefficiency and lack of reporting from paper ACO reports

  • Allows more TIMELY and efficient workflow management which leads to increased savings  

  • Easy to use physician vetting capabilities to ensure patients that need to be seen, get seen.

Update Status Window

Caretracker allows staff to ALWAYS keep track of patients they’ve reached out to and call them multiple times until their care is coordinated in a closed-looped system. Follow-ups are prompted based on the user’s last action, yielding an ideal automated workflow!

  • No patient left behind with superior workflow tracking
  • User-friendly automated workflow processes to streamline office productivity.
  • Great tool to instantly prompt follow-ups/call back messages

User and Provider Statistics

Real-time analytics allow your organization to effectively measure and manage the productivity of your network.

  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
  • Dial in on what reports are getting worked, how efficiently they’re being worked, and who’s working them.
  • User-friendly clickable stat feature to instantly identify the individual patients who are being/not being worked.
  • Predictive analytics to know where you are at in the race before the finish line.

Why Choose Caretracker?

Trusted by many ACOs!

Caretracker has been battle-tested on over 200,000 patients across the country, producing positive feedback and tremendous results!

Caretracker increases immediate revenue and savings while improving patient care by:

  • Increasing Average Number of Visits: Users will quickly and easily identify patients without a follow-up scheduled. (Increased follow-up visits directly correlate to decreased expense.)
  • Reducing Avoidable ER Visits: Users easily identify and schedule patients who frequently visit the Emergency Room.
  • Retaining Assignment of Healthy Patients: Users easily identify and schedule Dropped patients.
  • Increasing Annual Wellness Visits: provides practices with their patients’ AWV eligibility dates and prompts users to contact patients to schedule and reschedule AWV appointments.
Reduction in work compared to paper reports 75%
Proven to more productive than working paper reports by 30%

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