The All-In-One ACO Management Tool


A powerful multiplatform tool that will assist in better coordinating patient care. With features such as real-time hospital notifications, HIPAA compliant messaging, statistic reports, and much more!

Real-Time Hospital Alerts

Users can receive real-time notifications when their Medicare patients are admitted to nearly all hospitals in an ACO’s area. Catch your patients at the opportune time to reduce medical costs and prevent costly re-admissions.

Post-Acute Facilities

If a network of Post-Acute facilities is established, users will be informed when patients have entered their care.

  • IP Transfers

  • Facility Transfers

  • ER Admissions

  • ER Discharges

Admission, Discharge, Transfer Notifications

All patient information is securely transmitted and easily readable through our application. Each notification is transmitted in real-time. So rest assured, all information is accurate to the most recent event.

All Alerts Display the Following Information

  • A Brief Description of the Event

  • The Patients Primary Care Physician

  • Workflow Assistance

  • Event History

Secure Messaging

SuperDocACO provides a secure, HIPAA-Compliant, Messaging platform for physicians to electronically send and receive sensitive patient information. Communicate directly with other physicians, assistants, and staff within the same practice or within the ACO network. Anywhere, anytime!

Securely Upload Sensitive Files

Securely attach photos, PDFs, Spreadsheets, and many other file types to any messages you send on our End to End encrypted messaging system. Upload and download images and files with ease and create group chats to keep everyone in the loop.

ACO Network Directory

Get connected to other skilled medical professionals in the ACO. Search by specialty and location to find a reliable facility in your area for patient referrals. Addresses and contact details are readily available in the App. Referring in-network provides your patients with a high level of quality care and keeps expenses in check.

Why Work With Us?

Trusted by multiple ACOs in the country

SuperDocACO is being used by multiple large-scale ACOs across the country.

  • 2019 total shared savings of over $80,000,000

  • Over 2,500 participating providers!
  • Over 250,000 patient lives trusted with our products

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A Secure, HIPAA Compliant, Hospital Feed Patient Alert System, That Also Doubles As A Messaging Platform Between Physicians In Their ACO.

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